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Sheffield South East Trust


Sheffield South East Trust formed in 2016 with a small group of primary schools who had previously worked closely together for a number of years. We have grown and established as a successful partnership, improving the quality of learning and outcomes for all our pupils. 


SSET is a primary school Trust with 6 member schools, currently. All the schools have early years provision from the age of 2/3 which is an important feature of our collaboration. We believe early intervention in a child’s life and supporting the family effectively provides a firm foundation, on which to build.


The education sector faces many challenges and in SSET we believe we are stronger together. At our core, we collaborate to improve and develop our offer to the communities we serve. We strive to prepare all pupils effectively for the next stages in their lives, overcoming barriers. SSET schools deliver an ambitious curriculum, helping pupils to reach academic achievement whilst supporting all aspects of their development.


Pastoral support has enhanced importance within SSET and strong emphasis is placed on ensuring well-being and safety for all our families, through dedicated staff teams and allocating additional resources.


All SSET schools have strong leadership teams and local governing bodies. We seek potential in staff and ‘grow our own’ to ensure the schools go from strength to strength. SSET has many partners it works with to be outward looking, providing the best offer for pupils, parents and staff.


Although many of our schools have similar features, each is different and this is understood and celebrated. The Headteacher in each school joins me in the Executive Leadership Team to shape the direction of our Trust Improvement Plans. There are high levels of support, challenge and trust between the schools.


The SSET strategic central team enables schools to focus upon their pupils and the curriculum.


To conclude this brief welcome and introduction to Sheffield South East Trust, I want to convey that although we are strategic and work with urgency, if you were to remove all the labels, ‘bells and whistles’, at our heart - we are a group of schools doing their best, together,  for our children and families.


SSET extends an invite, to anyone that may be interested in finding out more about the collaborative work we do.


Joanne Bradshaw


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